• Ηλεκτονικός πίνακας ελέγχου αφής με αυτόματο χρονοδιακόπτη
• 3 επίπεδα απορρόφησης,
• Ισχύς απορροφητικότητας (σύμφωνα με UNE/EN 61591) μέγιστη : 580 m3/ώρα-ελάχιστη 335 m3/ώρα
• Ελάχιστος θόρυβος μοτέρ : ελάχιστη ένταση θορύβου 56 dB(A) και μέγιστος 70 dB(A)
• Μοτέρ MR3 . Extra ήσυχο. Μέγιστη κατανάλωση 270W
• Υψηλής απόδοσης Led φωτισμός
• Φίλτρα που πλένονται στο πλυντήριο πιάτων
• Φινίρισμα σε γυαλί και ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι
• Μέγιστη πίεση 430 Pa
• 150/125mm διάμετρος σωλήνα
• Ενεργειακή κλάση: C

Code 02025203 - EAN Code 8422248061698

Code 2025203
Product features according to directives EU65/2014 - EN61591, EN60704-2-13, EN50564
AEC (Anual Energy consumption) (kWh/annum) 107,1
EEI class (Energy Efficiency Class) C
FDE (Fluid Dynamic Efficiency) 16,2
FDE class (Fluid Dynamic Efficiency Class) D
LE (Lighting Efficiency) (lux/W) 36,6
LE class (Lighting Efficiency Class) A
GFE (Grease Filtering Efficiency) 81,6
GFE Class (Grease Filtering Efficiency class) C
Air flow at minimum speed (m3/h) 335
Air flow at maximum speed (m3/h) 580
Air flow at intensive speed (TURBO) (m3/h) -
Sound Power Level at minimum speed (dB) 56
Sound Power Level at maximum speed (dB) 70
Sound Power Level at intensive speed (TURBO) (dB) -
Po (Power Consumption in off mode) (W) 0,54
Ps (Power Consumption in standby) (W) 0,54
Integration directive EU 66/2014
ƒ (Time Increase Factor) 1,4
EEI (Energy Efficiency Index) 84,9
QBEP (Flow Rate at Best Efficiency Point) (m3/h) 310,3
PBEP (Static Pressure Difference at Best Efficiency Point) (Pa) 353
WBEP (Electric Power Input at Best Efficiency Point) (W) 187,5
WL (Nominal Power Consumption of Lighting system) (W) 14
EMIDDLE (Average Illumination of Lighting system on Cooking surface) (lux) 513
Motor M3R
Maximum Power Consumption 270W
Maximum Pressure 430
Intensive Speed (TURBO) Pressure -
Control Type VL3
Automatic Switch Off
Electronic Filter Saturation Indicator -
Filter Type Metálico
Anti-grease Filter Number 1
Inner Shield NO
Extraction Capacity
Extraction Levels 3
Light Type EcoLed
Adjustable Intensity Lighting -
Nº of Lamps 4
Electric Connection
Total Rush Power (W) 284
Rated Voltage (V) 220-240
Network Frequency (Hz) 50
Electrical Insulation Class CLASSE II
Plug EU plano 2 Pins
External Dimensions
Width (mm) 900
Depth (mm) 600
Outlet Diameter (mm) 150/125
Minimum height distance to a electric worktop hob (mm) 650
Minimum height distance to a gas worktop hob (mm) 650
Instalation with Outlet tube to the exterior / Recirculating AMBAS
Easy Instalation System
Upper Decorative tube Extension -
White Decorative Tube -
Black Decorative Tube -
Island Tube Enhancer -
Check Valve 2832004
MAX PRO Metal Filter -
Metal Filter 2812000
DUAL Filter (metal + active charcoal) -
Active Charcoal Filter 2859391
Noiseless Flexible Duct
Kit Universal Led 2800000